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Dreams Change Your Life

Dreams of Escape

Dreams of Escape

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Three years trapped in an abusive relationship led to Sally’s discovery and the unraveling of her documented dreams and nightmares. After years of dream analysis and interpretation for herself and others, Sally discovered a startling new insight into dreaming which is yet to be explained.

Lucid dreaming is the theory that one is aware they are dreaming and they can take control.

During a terrifying lucid dreaming experience, Sally discovered she could not wake herself up. Sally recognized reoccurring appearances within her dreams, her husband and another woman – the two most troubling people in her life.

Sally found that during her highly stressful and abusive relationship, her dreams became elevated and intense. A connection was made while interpreting other people's dreams, that trauma and highly stressful situations in life can alter our dreams.

Sally wants to share these insights with you:

  • Interpret your own dreams with easy step-by-step guidance
  • Discover how to resolve issues at work using your own dream interpretation
  • Improve your memory by recoding your dreams for one month
  • Benefit from this ground-breaking new insight on how trauma alters dreams

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