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Sally Kairouze Shares Her Expertise in Dream Psychology

Be enthralled by two companion books that demonstrate rare insight into the world of dreaming and dream psychology. Dreaming and Trauma Recovery is an extraordinary case study that presents innovations in scientific dream theory that inform dreams recorded during intense trauma. And Finding Myself is a stand-alone companion journal of these dreams spanning a three year period and taking the reader on an intensely uplifting yet equally sorrow-filled journey.

Dreaming and Trauma Recovery

This debut work of non-fiction brilliance will change the way readers view their dreaming lives and the way consciousness and reality can intersect. Captivating in its emotional depth, exhaustive in its depth of research, and relentless in its pursuit of revelatory insights into dreams and dream psychology, Ms. Kairouze’s premiere case study will remain a valuable resource and exceptional read taking pride of place on the bookshelves of academics and all those interested in dream psychology.

Dreaming Out of Trauma

The chronological sequencing of daily life record and night-time dream journaling brings together an extended series of dreams and reflections that create a portrait of the unravelling of a seemingly ideal existence, one that finds strength and reprieve in the life of dreams.