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Prolonged exposure to daily stress and trauma will trigger vivid nightmares and intense, lucid dreams - new findings in dream psychology reveal unanswered questions


Here lies a heart-breaking story of survival with breathtaking twist and turns.
When Sally married the man of her dreams, she was ignorant to the abusive narcissist who would soon unravel behind closed doors.
Sally navigated the storms of life by documenting her dreams, later inspiring her own research and her new innovative ideas which lead to her new book, My Evolving Dream.
Be enthralled at how Sally’s story untangles.

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Three years trapped in an abusive relationship led to Sally’s discovery and unravelling of her documented dreams and nightmares. After years of dream analysis and interpretation for herself and others, Sally discovered a startling new insight into dreaming which is yet to be explained.
Lucid dreaming is the theory that one is aware they are dreaming and they can take control.
During a terrifying lucid dreaming experience, Sally discovered she could not wake herself up. Sally recognised reoccurring appearances within her dreams, her husband and another woman – the two most troubling people in her life.
Sally found that during her highly stressful and abusive relationship, her dreams became elevated and intense. A connection was made while interpreting other peoples dreams, that trauma and highly stressful situations in life can alter our dreams.
Sally wants to share these insights with you
•Interpret your own dreams with easy step by step guidance
•Discover how to resolve issues at work using your own dream interpretation
•Improve your memory by recoding your dreams for one month
•Benefit from this ground-breaking new insight on how trauma alter dreams

Available in E-book version only
$20.00 - 58% OFF


Have you ever experienced a sudden change in mood or an overall shift in the way you feel just after hearing some news, whether it was good or bad? Have you been a victim of panic attacks and anxiety?

Sally Kairouze, through personal experience, has discovered a natural remedy using lemon juice, an ingenious attention diversion method and combined with a breathing exercise technique, has aided in her recovery. Sally would like to share this with you.

Whenever you feel anxious or panicky, a sip of lemon juice and the strong citric taste activates your taste buds along the side and centre of your tongue. These taste buds send a message to your brain and diverts your attention to the sudden sensations happening in your mouth and takes you away from your anxious thoughts.

Available in E-book version only
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Gina Walce

"it's a good thing to help ppl to realize things that they have never heard about from there childhood to understand it now it's good to giving us a heads up in life"

Mahabub Hasan

"5 star review Wow !! Extraordinary Story! I Like it.Lovely page."

Terry Ponder

"VERY Motivating and shows the the remarkable Great strength of a very special woman. Great strength of a Special Woman."

Antonella Cappelli

"Those who are failing or have the fear of failure. For those who are feeling psychologically ill or physically lazy, the writer " SALLY KAIROUZE" has written this amazing story in the form of this book. This book will drag you towards the new world where one will feel relaxed and be at his/her challenges of life without being upset. The lovely thing in this book is, the reader will not run away from the challenges of life, but be happy and ready to face them. Another point I like the most, the writer has introduced the theories of psychology too. Again the point of marriage and the challenges faced after the marriage is extremely inspiring for the reader. Yet, the other parts of this book, a memoir are life-changings too.
I would highly recommend it to all ages of people. "