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Insights from best selling Author & Business Woman Sally Kairouze

Sally has brought together a group of like-minded individuals to work on this, her labour of love.

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  • "Not long after her beloved father died, 18 year old Kairouze left her lebanese home for a new lift in Melbourne, Australia. She met Tony, a seemingly kind man, and the two started dating and eventually married. Tony's habitual mood swings developed into a pattern of psychological and physical abuse abuse directed at the entire family. Finding little support from family or friends, the author took advice from her own dreams. Recording them in a journal proved therapeutic in dealing with the real-life abuse she experienced. Like most survivors of domestic abuse, Kairouze agonized over leaving her..."

    - Kirkus Reviews
    Behind My Closed Door
  • "Behind My Closed Door is a memoir with a difference. In fact, the book by Sally Kairouze has many unique characteristics that make it a definite pick from the book shelf. The book is one of those fantastic read that not only showcases premiere talent in writing, but also presets an oftern overlooked and rarely exploited idea so that a new generation can benefit from it, that is dream journaling."

    "We hear a lot about dreams in post-traumatic syndrome disorder, bu no one ever recorded dreams while undergoing trauma, until now."

    - Stuar Lam
    Behind My Closed Door
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Behind My Closed Door Book

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Here lies a heart-breaking story of survival with breathtaking twist and turns.


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