Sally in Wonderland

Written by Therese Kairouze

Format: Paperback , e-book

Caught in an oppressive marriage, and struggling to adjust to life in a new country, Therese Kairouze went deep within to heal her life. Embarking on a dream diary over a decade’s duration, she discovered that traversing the paths to the darkest recesses of her own memory, experience, and perception would bring her ultimate healing. This book tells the story of her journey – and her long road to self-fulfilment.

Genre Self Help/First Person Testimony

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I believe there is a story-teller in all of us. Even though most of us are not able to express our stories in words, paintings, or songs when awake, our mind is able to spin imaginative and wonderful stories when are asleep. In other words, our dreams are stories weaved from our subconscious. These stories are wide and varied depending on who we are and aspire to be. Our dreams reveal things already apparent, but also elements that our conscious, ever-ticking, day-time minds hide away. This book is a study of a journey into my dreams, and revelations arising from personal observations about my dreams.

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