Why can you remember your dreams so clearly?

There may be a number of reasons as to why you can remember your dreams very clearly. One suggestion is that you have become more interested in the topic of dreaming and have come across information about keeping a dream journal and remembering your dreams.

The very act of telling yourself that you will remember your dream can often cause your mind have higher dream recall. This technique is also used for lucid dreaming, whereby you tell yourself you will wake up in your dream and more often than not you do.

If we look at Information Processing theory about learning, when you tell yourself to do something, it is like giving a computer a direct command. It is likening your brain to a computer that follows commands that you give it.

Another possibility is that you are under a lot of stress at the moment, and this has triggered a type of response known as the Threat Simulation Theory of dreams.

Dreams can be a type of survival mechanism

This theory believes that dreams can be a type of survival mechanism where we rehearse possible scenarios in our dreams in response to an anticipated threat in your daily life.

Maybe you are a bit apprehensive about an upcoming event, or even a milestone in your life, and this emotion has activated your mind to remember your dreams clearly so that you are consciously aware of any messages your dreams are telling you.

Another reason may be that there have been certain chance triggers in your daily life that remind you of a time when you did have higher recall of your dreams.

Perhaps you read something, or watched a movie, or met someone that triggered a memory of when you were a child and could remember your dreams clearly. When a trigger happens it can activate certain neural pathways in your brain that access memories and even abilities that you may have consciously forgotten about.

These triggers could be caused by changes in your daily lifestyle. Perhaps you have started an exercise routine, or started going to a new cafe, or met some new people. Maybe you have changed your diet or just learned about something that you hadn’t known before.

The Coronavirus has triggered dream events for people

Of course, if we look at the current world crisis of the Coronavirus, this also could be the trigger that has caused you to remember your dreams a lot more clearly. This links back to Threat Simulation Theory, and also to the idea of collective consciousness’s in a population and archetypes and the relatable concept of cultural memes.

It has been widely accepted that crowd hysteria can overtake a large crowd of people who are trapped in a building in danger, causing everyone to panic. On a global level, the Coronavirus has affected the collective conscious and I think everyone is a little on edge at the moment.

You could go one step further, and start recording your dreams in a journal.

Although keeping a dream journal is not an acknowledged form of study, it is a part of accepted disciplines such as psychiatry, and psychology and has a long tradition that dates back to biblical times.

My book Dreaming and Trauma Recovery details processes of remembering your dreams and recording dreams and discusses the benefits of doing so.

It’s easy to get yourself a copy and start going through all the thoroughly researched materials on dreaming, by clicking the link below.

dreaming and trauma recovery

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