What does it mean if you have a dream about your younger self?

what does it mean to dream about my younger self

I sometimes have dreams of my very young self, especially when I have spent a day with my grandchildren. But I feel this has to do with Memory Consolidation and triggers that cause neural pathways in my brain to access distant memories.

Research states that the representation of our own selves in dreams does not always align with how we see ourselves in real life. Looking back at my most recent dreams, I find I tend to dream about myself as being in the prime of my life in the interactions I have with the dream environment and other dream persons.

It could depend on your self-image; if we have a positive self-image and are confident, then I feel we tend to dream of the best representation of ourselves.

Our unconscious mind can cause these dreams

Sometimes when we dream about our younger selves it could be our unconscious mind finds that we are losing something valuable about our identity, call it childhood exuberance or a youthful zest for life, because of our current situation in life.

Sometimes we feel that we have become too adult, too sceptical and cynical, and have forgotten the wonderful freedom and vitality we possessed when we were younger.

I guess Freud would say that this is our Id with all its passions and hidden emotions coming to the fore, or it could just be our Ego longing for better days in our lives.

So, if you dream about your younger self, look at the context of the dream whether it is familiar or bizarre; and it could indicate that some trigger in recent days caused memories of the past to emerge in your dreams, it could be something like meeting an old friend from the past, or a movie that triggered memories of highs school days, or an image, or just a wistful recollection of a pleasant memory when you were younger.

And also, maybe you have a positive self-image in your actual life, and this translates into representing yourself in your dreams as your younger self, when you were more carefree, confident and physically strong.

Our concept of time is entirely different when we dream

Because in our dreams our concept of time is entirely different from our waking lives, and our awareness of our dream selves is affected by this timeless quantum field of dreaming.

It is a very good question to ask why we have dreams of our younger self, because it causes me to become aware of how I represent myself in my dreams, whether it is influenced by the context of the dream, or by my interactions in the dream, and this is a step towards lucid dreaming.

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