More Than a Dream

This debut work of non-fiction brilliance will change the way readers view their dreaming lives and the way consciousness and reality can intersect. Captivating in its emotional depth, exhaustive in its depth of research, and relentless in its pursuit of revelatory insights into dreams and dream psychology, Ms. Kairouze’s premiere case study will remain a valuable resource and exceptional read taking pride of place on the bookshelves of academics and all those interested in dream psychology.


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Sally Kairouze survived a tumultuous, disturbing three-year marriage breakdown which she chronicled with scrupulous notes of more than 150 dreams and nightmares. In her search to find wellness following the end of her marriage, Sally was inspired to analyze this extensive sequence of bizarre and lucid dreams through the latest dream interpretation theory.

The insights Sally gained from the analysis went far and beyond simply helping her feel better… she found herself with renewed clarity, sharpened social skills, infectious positivity and a brand-new ability to take a step back and find the foresight to solve life’s ‘problems’.

And now Sally wants to share these insights with you. Her dream analysis and study can help you:

  • Increase your core happiness.
  • Interpret your own dreams with easy step-by-step guidance.
  • Nurture your family.
  • Discover how to resolve issues at work using your own dream interpretation.
  • Enhance your self-awareness and your social skills.
  • Improve how you deal with the day-to-day and all the ‘big’ issues that come your way.
  • Reach emotional enlightenment in waking moments.
  • Benefit from this ground-breaking new study on how trauma alters dreams.

Drawing upon the only dream interpretation study of its kind involving more than 1000 participants, in More than a Dream Sally helps structure these insights for you into easy to understand, easy to implement gems of guidance that will see the dreams you have tonight help you have a happier life tomorrow.



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