Dreaming Out of Trauma

The chronological sequencing of daily life record and night-time dream journaling brings together an extended series of dreams and reflections that create a portrait of the unravelling of a seemingly ideal existence, one that finds strength and reprieve in the life of dreams.


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Dreaming to heal, dreaming to protect, dreaming to survive, Sally Kairouze explored her dreams and found a pathway of hope and light through 3 years of traumatic abuse in a failing marriage. While trying to keep her family from falling to pieces Sally carefully recorded her sequence of most startling dreams in a journal that was the doorway of escape from the terrible reality of loving a near-psychotic partner. Sally attained an emotional epiphany with an understanding of her dreams and a strengthening of her spirit through the bizarre dreams that began as a response to the increasing turmoil of a volatile relationship.

The gifts that her dreams gave her during her troubled relationship included:

  • Emotional escape from increasing stress 
  • Emotional protection and healing through dreams that prepared her against threat 
  • Clarity and wisdom like a balm against the hurts of abuse 
  • A refreshing of her physical self and a lightening of her mind and spirit 

Dream Escape is a memoir that is a rare literary work unfolding the magic of dreaming even in the dark places of our lives.



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