Dreaming and Trauma Recovery

This debut work of non-fiction brilliance will change the way readers view their dreaming lives and the way consciousness and reality can intersect. Captivating in its emotional depth, exhaustive in its depth of research, and relentless in its pursuit of revelatory insights into dreams and dream psychology, Ms. Kairouze’s premiere case study will remain a valuable resource and exceptional read taking pride of place on the bookshelves of academics and all those interested in dream psychology.


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Dreaming and Trauma Recovery

by Sally Kairouze

and co-authored with Stephen Lamont

Subtitle: Scientific Insights into 155 Real Life Dreams

Innovations in the study of dream psychology today are rare and often leave doubt in a reader’s mind. Yet here in this exceptional case study we find a sure-to-be classic that surpasses most present-day investigations into dreaming and opens avenues of insight that will illuminate this exciting field of research. With a deft ability to explain elusive concepts, Sally Kairouze brings impressive scope and depth to her non-fiction debut through:

  • New and innovative scientific interpretation of dreams and nightmares
  • Comprehensive new research into the meaning of dreams and nightmares as taken from records of real dreams and nightmares aligned with corresponding true and actual day events.
  • Original and authentic classifications of different dream types
  • A decade of thorough and ground-breaking research by the author and research team.
  • Four complete and specifically designed surveys each with 1000 participants.

Ms Kairouze demonstrates the keenest of minds and masterful writing skills in this non-fiction tour de force as she investigates the study of dreaming with precision and relentless inquiry into every aspect of dreams and nightmares. This case study will remain an informative resource par excellence for dream researchers, academics, and dream enthusiasts alike; finding its place amongst the best books of scientific research and tomes of mainstream educational interest. It is highly recommended.


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