Sally Kariouze

Principal author, counsellor to women and community minded innovator. In conceiving the idea for this book, Sally has brought together a group of like-minded individuals to work tirelessly on this her labour of love.

Jane Grant

Jane is an experienced and published author with extensive experience in psychology. Her expertise in the writing and editing of this book has lent a wealth of experience to this project.


Leanne has proved invaluable in her contribution to the proof reading and type-setting of this book. Her tireless efforts at research and management of this project have helped to create a final work which we are all proud to support.


Chrissie’s patience and tireless efforts have been an invaluable contribution to the proof reading and editing of this work. The book has benefitted greatly from her expertise.

Stuart a.k.a Stephen Lam

Teacher and writer, Stuart’s contribution in the final revision and editing of this work has proved to be invaluable in the final production of this decade long collaborative project.