1 thought on “My body travels towards sky”

  1. Dear Dreamer,

    What you are describing sounds very much like Astral travel (also known as astral projection) it is a term used to describe out-of-body experiences that may occur while sleeping (or when drifting off to sleep), during meditation or hypnosis. Essentially, it’s the belief that your astral body (or spirit) is capable of leaving your physical body to explore the astral plane. Some people speak of leaving their physical body to float above, fully aware that they are no longer in it. Others recount freely roaming in other dimensions, connected to their physical body by a silver cord of light. For many people, astral travelling is a very real thing.

    Your astral body plays a key role in creating new developments which have not yet manifested in your physical life. The astral is like a giant laboratory in which you experiment with your life and your creations.

    The Astral dream can also offer great insight, Astral dream experiences allow you to see things from a different perspective than your normal awareness. As a result, astral dreams can be especially useful for working on situations that–for one reason or another–may be difficult to face directly in daily life.

    How many times have you experienced this dream?

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